Basin Scope Consulting was founded in 2019 to provide specialist consulting services to the oil and gas, minerals and groundwater industries.  We are based in Perth, Western Australia, but work on basins worldwide.


  We offer the following services:

  • Basin-scale geological evaluation

  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation of seismic data

  • Gravity and magnetic interpretation and integration with seismic interpretation

  • Regional play evaluations

Jane Cunneen
Principal Geoscientist
BSc (Hons), PhD

Jane Cunneen has over 15 years of experience in mineral and petroleum exploration geology and also spent seven years working in international project management with UNESCO.  From 2014-2019 Jane was a Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University, where she continues to hold an adjunct position.  Jane’s research interests include the structural and tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins, neotectonics, and natural hazard mitigation.  She specialises in the integration of seismic, magnetics and gravity data to improve exploration outcomes in frontier basins for both the minerals and petroleum industries.  Jane received her PhD in structural geology from the University of Western Australia in 2005 and is a member of PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia), the Geological Society of Australia, and is a 2019 committee member for the WA branch of ASEG (Australian Society of Exploration Geophysics).

Sam McHarg
Structural Geologist
BSc (Hons), PhD

Sam McHarg has 10 years consulting experience and a PhD in structural geology from Curtin University.  Previously, Sam has worked on modelling the evolution of fault systems in relation to basin development and hydrocarbon prospectivity. He has also been involved in 2D gravity profile modelling along the Papuan margin and developing mineralogical and geochemical differentiation techniques between transported overburden and residual regolith in relation to gold mineralisation.  His research interests include utilising seismic and gravity data in the developing evolutionary models of basin development.  Sam is a member of PESA, GSA and AAPG.  

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