We are structural geologists with experience in mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, and environmental projects.  We utilise multiple datasets including gravity, magnetics, seismic, and drillhole data to help refine exploration targeting and better understand the geological evolution of your area, from basin-scale to mine-scale.    



We are experts in the structural and tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins.  We use seismic and well data to understand basin evolution and structural styles at all scales, from regional tectonics to detailed fault patterns.  We also use potential fields data to constrain structural interpretations in areas with poor or incomplete seismic coverage.   



We are a small company, so for larger or more complex projects we work with our partners to provide you with expertise in all stages of exploration.  Our partners are all experts in their fields, and together we can offer a tailored solution to answer all your exploration questions.  



Our clients include mineral exploration companies, major oil and gas explorers, and government agencies.  We specialise in exploration for sediment-hosted mineral deposits, basin analysis, and groundwater studies.  We maintain close connections in both academia and industry to enable us to utilise the very latest software and exploration techniques.  



Basin Scope Consulting was founded in 2019 to provide specialist consulting services to the oil and gas, minerals, and groundwater industries.  We are based in Perth, Western Australia.


  We offer the following services:

  • Integration of datasets at multiple scales to improve understanding of local geology

  • Geological interpretation of seismic data

  • Exploration targeting for basin-hosted base metals

  • Basin-scale geological evaluation

  • Gravity and magnetic interpretation and integration with seismic interpretation


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